Kerio Personal Firewall blocks all traffic

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Subject: Kerio Personal Firewall blocks all traffic
Posted by:  Paul (pshaba…
Date: 1 Jan 2004


About a week ago I've installed Kerio Personal Firewall 4.0.10. Now
I'm seeing the following strange behavior:

When I start my machine, KPF starts up also, and works fine. For a
while. But then, usually after about 3-4 hours, it suddenly begins
to ignore all rules and to indiscriminately block all network
traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Sometimes this is preceded by
about 15 minutes of gradually slowing traffic, but most of the time
it happens just like that. No KPF messages or alerts are posted; in
fact, KPF provides no indication that anything has changed.

I've checked: The KPF rules are all correct. The "block all
traffic" option is off. There are no strange events in the Windows
system log. (I'm running Windows 2000 pro.)

An interesting fact is that when I check the "Disable Firewall"
option, there is no change. My connection is still blocked. If,
however, I fully shut down the KPF engine, my connection comes back
to normal. When KPF is restarted, it blocks everything again. I
need to reboot the machine for KPF to work properly again. For a few
hours only.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thank you