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Subject: hardware firewall
Posted by:  Joey_B (joeybro…@insightbb.com)
Date: 4 Jan 2004

First I would like to thank you to everyone that helps me out with my
question.  I have been searching the web for awhile now and have not
been able to found anything yet.

I am looking for a Hardware firewall/Router that will allow me to
control what IP address are allowed to access certain Ports that I
Open up.

For Example:
I have a webserver running on Port 80 and the only way that you can
access my website is if I add your ip address to my port 80 incoming
allow control list.  If somebody does try to access my webserver and
their IP address is not on the Allow list then they will either get a
message saying permission denid message or the message page can't be

Is this Possible to do?