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Subject: Re: program access query
Posted by:  NeoSadist (neosad1…
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004

Mat wrote:

> Greetings
> I'm running Win98 with Zonealarm.
> Recently, whenever I click on one of the icons in my Microsoft Office
> Shortcut Bar (Windows Explorer for example), an entry appears in my
> Zonealarm log stating that Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar attempted to
> connect to the internet but that it was blocked. I'm sure this program
> never used to attempt to do this. I've run Adaware a couple of times but
> this doesn't help.
> Any ideas?

1) Adware/Spyware probably isn't the problem, since these things usually
hook into internet explorer and/or windows explorer
2) Zone Alarm is very good at telling you what program tried this access, so
if it's saying it's the shortcut bar doing it, it probably is.  Just go
give it access if you want, or else leave it like it is (since I can't
think of any reason off-hand that it's wanting internet access)

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