Static address and DHCP through wireless router?

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Subject: Static address and DHCP through wireless router?
Posted by:  Scott (cea3…
Date: 13 Jan 2004

Hi Everyone,

Through my cable company, I've upgraded to 1.5/768K service so that I can
run a webserver at my home, instead of renting a server... They've assigned
me a static IP and allow me 4 of theirs via DHCP as well...

My problem is that I want to have my server set to their IP and have the
router serve addresses through DHCP... If I plug my cable modem into the WAN
port of the router, they all have DHCP addresses, and the computers are
able to talk to each other, but my (linux) server won't work with its' static IP

If I plug the cable modem into any of the other 4 ports of the router vs
the WAN, my server will work, and instead my other 2 home computers get the
DHCP address directly from my ISP... This would be ok, I guess, but then
they're not able to communicate with one another (since they're no longer
on the 192.168 network)...

Without adding a 2nd network card to all PCs, is there any way with my 1
cable modem and 1 router/4 port switch that I can my server to have its'
207.x.x.x address and the other computers on the 192.168.0.x network?

Any suggestions are appreciated,

Scott in NH