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Subject: Home Network Firewall Question
Posted by:  Bill (st6_g…@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004

I have each the 8 rooms in my home wired with Cat 5e cable, and all 8 wires
lead down to my basement where my cable source comes in.....  Then it goes
like this....

- Cable IN goes to my cable modem via a splitter.
- Cable Modem OUT goes to Firewall IN (4 port Netgear)
- Firewall OUT goes to UPLINK of 8 port switch.
- Each of the 8 cables go into the 8 port switch.


1. Is this the best method?
2. Will there be a bottleneck at the firewall?
3. Should I use all 4 ports of the firewall/router?
4. Is there an alternate method that would reduce the number of "boxes" from
3 to 2.