Linksys router and AS/400-iSeries Client Access

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Subject: Linksys router and AS/400-iSeries Client Access
Posted by:  Jonathan Ball (jonba…@whitehouse.not)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004

A number of people in who
connect to an AS/400 or iSeries through a Linksys
router, including me, have problems with 5250 terminal
sessions in IBM's Client Access software (for iSeries)
dropping the connection with the host machine.  I
imagine others also have dropped-connections problems,
but there are too many with a common element of a
Linksys router for it to be a coincidence.

I'm no expert in routers, VPNs, or firewalls, but my
strong suspicion is that some kind of "keep-alive" ping
doesn't make it through the router/firewall (I have a
ZoneAlarm firewall going, too.)  There must be some way
to configure the Linksys router, the firewall, and
Client Access (cwbcopwr program), either alone or in
combination, to allow the keep-alive signals to get