P2P and Ports

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Subject: P2P and Ports
Posted by:  battu…@popmail.com
Date: 21 Jan 2004

I have a question about closing ports and using P2P software like
Kazaa. It don't use consistent ports like some programs, but many
in the 1400 to 8000 range. I use Sygate PF and set rules to close all
ports, then open as needed by programs when they get blocked.

It is difficult to open a dozen different ports each time I start
P2P, and even if I do, I when ports is blocked I have to restart P2P
and there is no assurance that is will use the same ports anyway.
What is best practice (other than not using P2P!) -- should I open
ports in this range for outgoing requests only? Can I set rule for
to open these ports for specific P2P prog? Or is there no way to be
secure in using these kind of programs. I do have Norton antivirus
with latest updates and also Spybot to scan for spy and adware

All help is much appreciated.......Ibn