Zone Alarm & Wireless LANs

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Subject: Zone Alarm & Wireless LANs
Posted by:  itafran20…
Date: 25 Jan 2004

I've set up a Lynksys wireless router, and in the process of making it
all work, tech support demanded I uninstall Zone Alarm, as, they said,
all firewall software interferes with LANs and especially wireless
access.  I had an old version of ZA (v2 pro).    Uninstalling didn't
fix the particular connection problem I was experiencing, so I had to
call again and find someone else to fix whatever was wrong.

Now, I'm not too comfortable letting go of any firewall protection
(Linksys claims the firewall is built into the router already).
Given all security issues around wireless access, I'm sticking to
plain ethernet cable into my DSL modem when it comes to performing
sensitive transactions with credit cards-- but now without Zone Alarm
there is no protection in this mode either!  (I know Windows XP 's
firewall is next to useless).

Does anyone have any past experience using newer versions of ZA that
do not interfere with wireless routers?