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Subject: Online Test Confusion
Posted by:  G (noo…
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004

A little diagnosis would be appreciated. I'm not 'paranoid' about these
results, just a bit confused.
I have been running Norton Internet Security for some time and decided to
run the online Symantec Security Check.
I've got WinXP Pro and a cable connection.

When Symantec connects it does NOT show my correct IP address. I understand
this can happen with cable connections?

The results of the scan show

ICMP Ping  Open

Port 23 Telnet  Open (even though I've disabled it in the Services Tab)

HTTP 80  Open.

Port 1025 Open.

I wasn't sure what was happening, so I installed Sygate and configured it to
block Port 1025  and disabled "Allow Server " for Internet Explorer (found
the instructions in a newsgroup posting)

Ran the test again and once more with Sygate , my 'real' IP didn't show up,
but the results were the same

I went to GRC and it did identify my true IP and reported everything to be
in Stealth mode ( with Sygate running)

I then went to PC Flank (running Sygate) and it couldn't identify my IP or
run any tests.

I guess my real question is assuming GRC found my correct IP and showed
Stealth, I'm OK? Would the problem with the results from the Symantec site
be a result of not identifying my true IP?

Many Thanks.