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Subject: Re: Looking for a VPN client
Posted by:  Duane Arnold (not…
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004

"BW~Merlin" <scottkenn…> wrote in

> Hi.  I will be away from home for the next couple of months to study
> and was looking for a VPN client so I could dial into my home network
> and use my broadband cable connection.  Is this possible to do or
> would I have to dial into the internal modem instead of the cable?  I
> am also looking to set up remote admin and if anyone knows were I can
> find any info or a programme that will help me do this is would be
> much appreciated.

I don't think you need VPN for this, but you can use it if needed. You may
want to go strictly dialup telephone modem to modem. You may want to look
into PCanywhere or MS Netmeeting's Remote DeskTop Sharing that comes on the
MS O/S. Both applications can be placed into secure call(s) mode. You may
also want to  implement a very strong (sophisticated) user-id and password
to logon to the host machine.

I do know that if you had a NT based Server O/S sitting there as the host
using Win2K or Win2k3 you could go VPN using MS server and MS client VPN
connection through the O/S(s), even on a dialup. I think you can do it with
Win 9'x and ME as well as the clients.

Duane :)


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