Kerio not working with Windows 98SE

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Subject: Kerio not working with Windows 98SE
Posted by:  russell.cre…
Date: 30 Jan 2004

I just had to uninstall the latest version of Kerio as it crashed my
computer even if I tried to hit the "Start" button. I could open
whatever files were on my desktop (after accepting Kerio's request),
but couldn't connect to the Internet (cable connection) or access
other folders. Hitting "Start" did not result in a request, just a

Are there any known issues with W98? I recently formatted the HD and
installed everything from scratch, so the system should be fairly
"clean." Assuming there isn't an obvious solution to the problem, I'm
considering either trying a previous version of Kerio that might be
more stable with W98 (any suggestions?) or a different software
altogether. I've heard not-so-great things about Zone Alarm, but it
might not really be the case. If possible, something targeted at

Thanks in advance!

PS. I have to admit the uninstall feature worked flawlessly - I
thought I'd have to reinstall and repair lots of system files and
drivers, but even the registry seems to be Kerio-free.