Re: IDS shuts down network access?

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Subject: Re: IDS shuts down network access?
Posted by:  Duane Arnold (not…
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004

"admin too" <> wrote in message
> Is there an IDS which can block a machine from a network when it's been
> infected with a trojan? At least block Internet access, if it's a box
> positioned behind the firewall.

There are only two IDS/FW  products that can block access to a machine when
a Trojan as been detected in the traffic, but that's only on inbound
traffic. That  is BlackIce and Sygate.

BlackIce has Application Control that will stop a Trojan from executing when
it hits the machine. I think Sygate has an Application Control feature as

Duane :)


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IDS shuts down network access? posted by admin too on Mon, 5 Apr 2004