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Subject: Network Setup
Posted by:  Chris Thomas (chr…
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004

I'll give ya a little bit of background on my current situation:

As of right now I have a 8 port linksys BEFSR81 Router/switch and a
SmartLink 8-port switch.
I have a server running Windows Small Business Server 2003, and using IIS
6.0 to run multiple websites
We are on ADSL internet and have 5 IPs available to us, however right now we
are only using one because that is all the linksys can handle.

Our business is expanding and all the slots in our switches are full, so we
are looking to get new switch and a firewall.  It would be nice if the
firewall had anti-spam and anti-virus built in.  VPN isnt a really needed.

I would also be able to assign multiple external ips to the server so I can
host the different websites on different ips, if that is possible

Does anyone have any suggestions on what hardware i should get, and possible