.gif files omitted from web pages

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Subject: .gif files omitted from web pages
Posted by:  SJB (shanebresl…@eircom.net)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004

Hi group.

Have encountered a problem with ad .gif files being omitted from some of my
webpages when viewing the page from certain computers.

When I view the source, the links are still in the code, but the <img> tag
that lies between the <a href..> </a> tags has disappeared.

Was thinking it may be something to do with ad-blocking settings in norton
firewall, but only
some of the images on the page are omitted while others appear as normal.

Incidentally, the problems mainly occur in the XP edition - both home and
professional - on a few clients' computers.

Thanks for any help,

Shane Breslin