please help with my local network - norton

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Subject: please help with my local network - norton
Posted by:  tracy (
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004

i have 2 win xp pc's and both are linked via a router and both have norton
installed.  internet access for both pc's goes via the router and is working

however, i cannot see pc's from one another.  i have set up a trusted zone
for each other in the firewall settings by adding the ip address of the
other pc.

i have got it down to the following scenario, but just havent got a clue
whats going on.

i turn on PC1 and turn OFF the firewall.

then i boot up PC2, but i cant see it from pc1 (via my network places) even
though both are a member of the same workgroup.  in fact i can't even ping

then i log into pc2 and load up the firewall settings. i do not change any

at this stage i still cannot ping pc2 from pc1.

now on pc2 all i do is click on the button that says "configure" under
"personal firewall" in the norton internet security screen. i DO NOT change
any settings.

now i can ping pc2 from pc1 and access it with no problems.

argghhhh, what kind of silly thing is that?! please help me.
ps: i am a beginner at all this networking stuff. so go easy on me! ;=)