Level One firewall leaks?

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Subject: Level One firewall leaks?
Posted by:  level…@gmail.com
Date: 17 Apr 2006

I've noticed lately that my Zone Alarm has been showing entries in its
firewall log that shouldn't be there. Namely, it blocks attempts from
outside IPs to connect to ports such as 1300, 3155, 1904, 4759, 3618,
2997, 3029, 1366, 3286, 3357, 4590... With Zone Alarm being just the
"second line of defense" this seems kind of weird. The first line of
defense is a (wired) LevelOne router/firewall, and none of the
aforementioned ports is forwarded to the computer (I even have UPnP
turned off).
Can someone explain to me what's wrong here and why these ports are
coming through? Is it just a lousy firewall within the Level One router
(but then again, how come there were no attempts like this before), or
maybe some hackers' workarounds, or false routing within my network...