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Subject: Re: NETAsq Firewall F200
Posted by:  jbilloch…
Date: 19 Apr 2006


In the "implicit rules" screen, you can uncheck the use of proxy
implict rules.

And you can create a NAT rules which exclude yours servers, this action
permit the bypass of the proxy, only for yours servers.

NAT rules can looks-like this:

Action  Original    Destination  Port destination  Translated
Translated port
Redirect Workstations    Any            HTTP        loopback    8080

This rule redirect all http traffic from Workstation to the proxy, but
not for servers. You can also use the "not equal" object to specify for
example "all but not this server"... I hope that is clear for you ??

In fact, implicit rules create automatic translation rules. So, when
you not use implicit rules, you must create NAT rules Manually.

Sorry for my english ! ;o)

Lille, France

gamzat… a écrit :

> HI to all,
> at work we use NETAsq Firewall F200 as Firewall and Proxy too, But I've
> a problem on the Proxy module.
> All traffic is proxed but every 4 hours (the max time for each login) a
> new login is required.
> For users is not a problem, but for Servers, is a big problem. I don't
> know how to improve a good solution for a permanent navigation for some
> PC!
> Anyone have any idea?
> Sorry for my english.
> Bye!
> Gian Pietro Camisa
> Parma
> Italy


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