Re: Cisco Pix 515e 6.3.5 memory utilization

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Subject: Re: Cisco Pix 515e 6.3.5 memory utilization
Posted by:  robers…
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006

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Newbie72 <sjohns…> wrote:
>I just recently updated the ios in our pix. I also at the same time
>updated the Memory so in the near future we could make the move to 7.1.
>I have noticed in the last couple of days the memory utilization is
>consistantly 60M. The Pix has 128M in it with 16M of flash. I am
>curious if this is normal? I do not notice any suspicious traffic in
>the log of the pix.

Ah, you are fortunate: just a couple of days ago, someone was
posting about a problem they were having with 7.1 having a memory
leak, requiring them to reboot every few days.

Most discussions about Cisco PIX (and Cisco ASA and other Cisco
security software or devices) takes place in .

Do you have your access-lists set to be "compiled" ? If so then
that takes a lot of memory.



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