zonealarm sometimes block DNS?

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Subject: zonealarm sometimes block DNS?
Posted by:  Peter (
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006

I have DSL, a linksys router/firewall, and then windowsXP with zonealarm.

Right after powering up my PC, I can use internet just fine.

After a few hours of inactivity, sometimes internet stops working. Got
timeout no matter what web site I visit. However, if I type in an IP address
instead of URL, the browser works fine. In other words, DNS problem.

I found three solutions:

(1) use command prompt and execute "ipconfig /renew"

(2) turn off zone alarm

(3) go into zone alarm's firewall setting -> advance, and check "Allow
outgoing DNS/DHCP in internet zone on high setting".

Could someone explain what is going on? Especially, why would it work for a
while, and then stop working?