SonicFirewall, VPN and DNS

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Subject: SonicFirewall, VPN and DNS
Posted by:  irtheman (irthem…
Date: 14 Sep 2006

I just got vpn working on my company's SonicFirewall PRO 2040 Standard
and it is doing great.  The user runs the SonicWall Global VPN Client
and connects to the firewall.  Then they can remote desktop to their
office computer.  Here is the snag:  They must remote desktop to their
office computer's static ip address because the setup won't resolve any
computer names.  No one can map network drives over vpn either.  This
is my first time messing with a firewall and, with exception to this
one bug, I believe I have done a good job setting this thing up.  Can
anyone suggest a possible solution?

Here is a brief description of how things are set up if it helps:
Our firewall is at the internal ip address of  The DNS
server is a computer called DNS1 at and it handles our
local dns needs while forwarding to our internet provider for our
internet dns needs.  Our DHCP server is a machine named Server1 at

I have one VPN Policy named GroupVPN with with no gateway, no
destinations, and a Crypto Suite of ESP 3DES HMAC SHA1 (IKE).  I
basically just used the defaults where possible.

So what do you think?

Matthew Hanna