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Subject: Re: Blocking unauthorized remote access
Posted by:  Volker Birk (bume…
Date: 24 Sep 2006

Mike Dorn <mrdo…> wrote:
> Has anybody seen a comprehensive list of addresses used by the various
> "services" that allow unauthorized users to remote into their work computers
> from home, bypassing corporate security?  These things work by making an
> outbound connection from the target PC to a fixed external site.  The user then
> contacts the external site from their home PC or traveling laptop, and the site
> uses the previously-opened connection to create a remote session for them.  It's
> not caught by normal firewall config, because the outbound ssl connection
> appears to be legal.

With such a tool, any site on the outside can be used.

I think, you have a social problem, not a technical one. Try to detect
open sockets or reconnecting sockets after working time and talk to the
people who are installing such things.


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