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Subject: Re: Blocking unauthorized remote access
Posted by:  Mike Dorn (mrdo…
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006

IF I were building the ideal secure network from scratch, whose only goal was
protection, without the need to work with or accommodate the business or its
users, then this "whitelist" discussion would have some merit.... except that I
already knew all that anyway--it just wasn't what I was asking about.

What I expect I'll end up doing is just what I started to do before contacting
this group.  I'll analyze the remote-access sites I'm able to find, and build
the best blacklist I'm able to in the time available.  This will take FAR less
time than any attempt to query nearly a thousand established users to determine
their real "needs" in order to build & maintain the whitelist you suggest.
After all, we don't have unlimited resources--one network engineer and one
network security admin, and we both have plenty of other responsibilities beyond
this issue.

I keep forgetting, this is Usenet.  People never answer the question you
actually asked; they simply repeat the answers they've already got.  I'll take
that as a "Sorry, none of us have seen such a list," and move on.


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