Why is MS listening

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Subject: Why is MS listening
Posted by:  NoSpam (NoSp…@nottobefound.org)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007

Dear Group,

I am wondering about several lines in the return to a
                                  netstat -a
command on my pc!

They show that microsoft is listening. Is this legitimate and which
program is served by these connections?

  TCP    x-xxxxxxxxxxx:microsoft-ds  g-xxxxxxxxxxx:0      LISTENING
  UDP    x-xxxxxxxxxxx:microsoft-ds  *:*

There are two more lines which I do not know what they could refer to
UDP    x-almjf4iscdqrx:isakmp  *:*
UDP    x-almjf4iscdqrx::4500  *:*

What do they refer to?

I dont know whether it is worth is, but I changed by PC name to all xs.

Is there a document which explains the meaning of these lines?

Thanks for any helpful replies.